With the increasing globalization of markets, the significance of domestic companies investing abroad and foreign companies investing internationally in a country has grown.

Our firm recognizes the importance of providing tax advice across borders, encompassing tax planning both domestically and internationally. We aim to optimize taxation at the group level by utilizing a local business and tax-oriented group structure.

In this context, the involvement of holdings, corporate management, finance, and special service companies holds particular relevance in terms of tax considerations. Our team of tax professionals specializes in offering expert advice on all transnational and local tax matters, ensuring comprehensive and strategic tax planning.

Personal Tax & Planning

In today’s landscape, the number of high net-worth individuals has significantly increased. However, many often overlook the importance of strategically investing their assets or preserving and growing their family’s wealth for future generations. Our professionals in tax and asset advice for individuals are here to develop tailor-made solutions and coordinate their implementation, even on a global scale.

VAT & Indirect Taxes

As business activities become more international, and cross-border trade in goods and services intensifies, the need for guidance on complex sales tax and customs issues has become increasingly crucial. The ever-growing regulatory environment necessitates a heightened awareness of tax implications. Our firm is equipped to help you mitigate risks related to sales tax and customs laws, optimize national and international flows of goods and services, and identify potential excise duty savings. We promptly respond to changes on your behalf and efficiently implement them into your business operations.

Tax Disputes

Tax disputes and investigations have seen a significant rise, with stricter and more efficient proceedings in place. Our professionals excel in successfully resolving tax disputes for both companies and individuals. We define the appropriate scope of action, ensure procedural efficiency, and offer reasonable solutions to bring tax disputes to a favorable conclusion.

Expat Tax Services

The interconnectedness of global markets highlights the increasing importance of cross-border knowledge transfer. Consequently, employees working for global groups are becoming more mobile and are being seconded across borders. In addition to navigating national tax and social security structures, staff and employers face tax and social security laws in their destination countries. Our expatriate tax services help businesses streamline their secondment processes and minimize associated costs.

Tax Compliance

Taxes are major cost drivers for businesses, making tax compliance a crucial component of their agendas. Many companies now hire tax risk managers and develop tax risk policies, not only to meet the growing complexity of tax compliance demands but also for more efficient and strategic tax planning. By maintaining better control over tax risks, businesses can assess them proactively, identify potential risks early on, and provide a more comprehensive evaluation. This instills confidence among all stakeholders.


Partner with our firm to leverage our extensive expertise in tax services. With a presence in both the United States and Afghanistan, we are well-positioned to navigate the intricacies of tax systems in both countries. Contact us today to optimize your tax planning, ensure compliance, and enhance your overall financial strategy.

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