We have a wealth of experience in bookkeeping, accounting and auditing. 

At AMO Elite, we cater to a wide range of national and international companies across diverse industries, as well as public sector organizations. Auditing is a responsibility that demands utmost diligence.

Legal & Statuary Audits

Auditing encompasses more than just the legal requirement of certifying annual accounts. Whether it’s annual and consolidated accounts or specialized audit services and certifications, the impartial judgment of external auditors enhances the reliability of information for decision-makers.


In today’s dynamic business landscape, uncertainty prevails. Companies find themselves operating in an increasingly complex environment fraught with significant risks. However, solutions and answers exist.


Our firm assists you in identifying risks and provides you with the confidence that you are making sound decisions for the future of your business. Our expertise spans various aspects, often extending beyond conventional annual audits, enabling us to add value.

Special Purpose Audits

Irrespective of the audience—whether internal or external—special purpose audits reinforce trust and provide our firm’s certifications with unwavering certainty, bestowing competitive advantages.


Audit services delivered by our seasoned professionals instill confidence and certainty. Leveraging their industry knowledge and expertise, independent professionals verify the accuracy of information and the effectiveness of processes.

Internal Audits

Internal audits have evolved into independent and objective management tools. By focusing on internal control systems and risk management, internal audits scrutinize organizational structures and business procedures.


They assist businesses in identifying, managing, and mitigating risks, providing certainty to management and enabling the achievement of strategic goals.


Partner with AMO Elite to leverage our wealth of experience in bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing services. Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering reliable and trustworthy solutions tailored to your unique business requirements. Contact us today to gain the certainty and confidence you need for your business’s success.

Forensic Accounting & Legal Support

It is precisely in difficult economic times that preventing and investigating financial crime such as embezzlement, fraud and corruption becomes particularly important. We help businesses define their responsibilities as well as tracing and investigating fraud using forensic IT solutions.


Our firm also advise on disputes, providing expert opinion in arbitration and legal proceedings, commercial contracts and insurance claims.

Preparing Accounts

Management needs a focused, decision-making basis if it is to drive business successfully and effectively. Constantly gathering, analyzing and interpreting data and information makes it possible to establish a database, which can be used as a basis for management decisions.


Our firm help businesses produce their monthly and annual accounts, budgets (forecasting) and cash management, as well as facilitating meaningful corporate reporting. And, of course, our professionals are able to answer any questions on current national and international accounting and reporting


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